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Customized Spec Home, what is it?

Well, first off, let's define some terms. A 'spec' home is short for speculate. The builder is speculating that the home they are building will sell. It is generally built to minimize costs and maximize profits both for the realtor and the builder. In other words, the construction materials and components that go into the building of a spec home are often “builder’s grade,” but not necessarily always, which could mean cabinets, appliances and other features that may or may not have a long life expectancy. It is on a fast-track with limited options in terms of layouts, features, and home styles.

A 'custom' home allows the customer to choose from different floor plans and styles the builder has available or will customize a plan for the customer. The customer is usually in charge of selecting lighting fixtures, flooring, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, and other features. In some cases, a builder will set allowance for certain purchases. It is basically when the customer decides the design of the home & every product and feature that goes into the building of the home.

This current project of 4 homes we are building in the Park Street Quarters of Carlton Landing near Eufaula, OK are The Albion plan but each individual home we refer to as a 'customized spec' home. Although the layout and design are the same for each one, they are each uniquely different on the inside. The overall design of the Albion is more of a rustic farmhouse feel. Months before we ever started breaking ground, we chose a sub-theme that we follow within the overall theme. It helps guide us in the finishes & details, (where we put most of the money). These homes are tailor-made with lots of on-site creations.

As these homes are built next to each other, the whole set of homes together become an artistic image. But each home is unique as it's owner; not 'cookie cutter'. It helps that they have their own character and the owner will know it has been made special for them. It becomes a creation of something truly distinctive. Therefore, that's why we like to refer to them as 'customized spec' homes.

The first home's subheading was "wine barrel", the second one is "copper", the third is "driftwood". And currently, the fourth one's subheading is still being explored.

Because of my passion for the 'wood craft', my goal has always been, as you look through these homes is to make every room, wall, nook, cabinet, etc. something interesting and purposeful fusing it all into an artist's picture. These type of homes should celebrate the quality and appreciation of the craftsmanship. Isn't the 'joie de vivre' partly about enjoying the scenery? We are grateful to be able to build them.

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