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Bringing History Home

Reclaimed barn wood in the Albion 'wine barrel' home.

There is a part of the home building market that is enthralled with reclaimed items within the home. These 'structural antiques' have a story to tell, giving us a history lesson of a past that is, most of the time, beyond the present day in which we have personally grown up in. No, I'm not talking about living in a museum but a home that is imbibed with history & authenticity; a sweet celebratory memorial to people not our high powered tools. Oh believe me, I appreciate the tools we use in our trade but let's not make that our focus in our building but rather simply tools used to highlight the focal point: our dwelling and the craftsmen who created it.

Loosely, in a traditional architectural environment the parameters of the building patterns are defined by structures that we as humans always come back to, or architectural patterns that 'stand the test of time'. It is easy to incorporate reclaimed materials in this style for most of the time it beckons to us from an age that was infused with an appreciation of skilled craftsmanship using tools that were cumbersome and other tools that were simple yet laborious. Experience was a high priority for success not to mention perseverance. It was much more of an art than simply a task.

The barn wood for the above home was taken from a flour mill in Kansas shown below where honest, hard work was done for many years.

This picture is quite charming much like the 'wine barrel' home we have aspired to re-create with it's reclaimed wood in some small way. It is in this spirit that we strive to make each home unique and endearing to those who will make fond memories in an environment where history has found a welcome home.

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