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Our Story at Carlton Landing

Our company name is DNA Creative Homes. We have been in the residential construction for approx. 20 years. First off, I can say I did not grow up in the building trade. I came the long way around from an entirely different background. My wife (Angella) and myself met in college and later got married. She received a Bachelor of Arts in teaching and myself a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. After we married. we and our friends would joke about our D -n- A union (Darren -n- Angella). So the name DNA has been with us since our beginning. We stayed in our field of education for a number of years but I wanted a change because of my love for the outdoors. I enjoyed the programming aspect because it tended to allow some creativity but wasn't thrilled about being confined to an office all day staring at a screen. Around that time, I had a friend who was a mason and I began working with him laying natural stone. I learned as much as I could and eventually after a move, started my own masonry business. From that foundation, through the years we expanded the business. I have physically worked in every aspect of the home building process in order to learn as well as make an income. I poured over books (as I still do), talking to old-timers who were a well of knowledge in their craft learning every facet of home building. I would work alongside each trade for extended periods throughout the years, most of that out of necessity. And eventually, the home business expanded into what it is today. I don't think building came naturally to me. It has been a lot of long hours to hone this craft. From my own experience, most of what I've learned has come from sheer perseverance with a lot of patience. In fact, I am convinced, if you work hard and smart and don't give up, you will eventually reach your goals. All in all, I am blessed to be able to enjoy what I do. My wife is an integral part of the home building business as well. She helps with color coordination and theme flow. She is my sounding board and my inspiration. At the same time, my wife who had her realtor's license many years ago, was able to get back into that field and is seeing growing success. And somewhere along the way, we were able to adopt two wonderful girls (Gloria & Selah) who are our joy. Carlton Landing is a unique place. I am humbled to be a small part. I love the architectural design of what I call 'natural' building ethics. The design that historically is naturally comfortable to us as humans. The Living Tradition design of which Carlton Landing adheres to, is not only appealing to the eyes but applauds craftsmanship of which I am grateful. Our homes are unique in that most of the time, as well as supervising, I myself am physically involved in almost every aspect of each trade as the homes are being built. We are thankful to the developer, the Carlton Landing builders' guild here of which I have great respect for, (feels more like being part of a team), the community, and most of all- our past clients. Without them, we wouldn't be where we are today.

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