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Why We Create

A hall tree created with 70 year old doors for the Albion Granduer 'la ferme'

A hall tree created with 70 year old doors for the Albion Granduer 'la ferme' home

When we begin to start placing certain finish items in our luxury homes, we start with what we can dream. We look for the exact pieces that fit within our theme. We don’t just haphazardly throw items together hoping that it all comes together. It has to have a distinct function and look for everything that we do. It’s not that we don’t want to save money but we want to make it special, and that tends to weigh more heavily. It gives us a sense of pride knowing we created it but it also brings a touch of purpose in what we do. These items are not found on the shelves of the big box stores, these are found in our imagination. We have literally scoured the local countryside for true crafts. Oh, I know you can find some of these items in the everyday large volume outlets, but they tend to look fake because some of them are. We might be able to save some money but it doesn’t ring true of what real craftsmanship is. It tends to look like it came from a lifeless production mode. That being said, we tend to be a little slower in creating these homes because we want them to be unique. If we can’t find it, if possible, we create it. On the other side, if price is a high priority, then we look to replace items with other options that simply function but yet function well.

Here are some recent comments from buyers of a DNA Creative Home.

'Darren is such a creative and passionate builder, he and his team go above and beyond. We love that our home is so unique and suits our personal style perfectly’ J. & G. Raney owners of the Albion ’driftwood’

' I have bought 5 homes in my life. 3 of them ahve been new homes. I can easily say that my DNA Creative home was built with craftsmanship and high quality. This is the one home for which I have had no issues. I'm grateful that this home has proven to be charming, funcitonal, and durable. As a 2nd home, I can especially appreciate the value in its low maintenance and upkeep (for this particular one). It requires no painting, lawn maintenance, or deck replacement. It's been a good time and financial investment for my family' B. Phelps owner of the Albion 'wine barrel'.

All in all, there is a difference in buying a DNA Creative Home. If these creative priorities are what you are looking for, let us know if you too would like a DNA Creative Home.

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